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Coach Training

Do you want to learn to coach?  Or to add to your existing practice?

New to Coaching?  Join a free Coaching Experience Week with Optimus Coach Academy here 

From complete beginners, to seasoned professionals, from first line managers to business leaders, there is a learning solution out there for you.

Coach in Nature offers sessions and supervision purely for existing coaches who want to add nature and outdoor working to their client offering.


For Supervision click here

For learning information click here

Due to Rachel's background and extensive network we can offer links to a number of organisations that we've worked with and that meet high standards of training, delivery and ethical practice.

The following outlines are the personal view and opinion of Rachel Woods, Coach in Nature.

I trained with Henley Business School for a PG Certificate and an MSc in Coaching.  High academic standards and courses underpinned by the University of Reading.  I would recommend this approach if your learning preference is academic and if you want to make in-roads to coaching research and higher education.  Learning at the beautiful Greenland's Venue is what got me into coaching with Nature and their extensive resource library got me through the academic writing and research that underpins my work. 


For more information on all Henley Business School Courses, click here.

If I hadn't already trained,  I would be seriously tempted by the offering from Optimus Coach Academy.  The brainchild of the tour de force that is CEO Ruth Kudzi.   Alongside all the fundamentals of great coaching, elements of neuroscience and impactful practice, Optimus offers business start up information and an inspiring online community.  For the full diploma, Optimus bring accreditation into the learning package which creates a significant saving on additional mentor coaching in order to reach accreditation with the International Coach Federation. 


Full disclosure, I act as an affiliate for Optimus and do benefit financially when you choose to train with them.  I fully recommend finding out more for yourself and choosing the organisation that feels right for you and your values. 


Why not join the free Coaching Experience Week from the 21st November? 


To find out more about the Coaching Certificate programme with Optimus Coach Academy, click here.

For information on their Coaching Diploma (includng ICF Accreditation) click here.

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