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"I would ask any coach who has yet to experience supervision for themselves, what’s standing in their way? I would advise them to join Rachel as they have nothing to lose and everything to gain!"

Helen, Executive Coach and Leadership Trainer

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 'A Taste of SUPERvision'  Click here

Supervision is reflecting, sustaining and continually improving your practice as a coach. 


Better described as 'Super - Vision', it enables you to see your work from more expansive viewpoints. 


It enhances and develops your efficacy and the impact you have for your current and future clients. 


It's a thinking partnership to explore blind spots, celebrate successes and confront biases. 


By revisiting and exploring subtle choices made within a coaching session, we can celebrate and sustain best practice, challenge feelings and assumptions and enable you to be your best for your  clients now and those yet to come.  You and your clients work hard and deserve the attention, development and focus supervision brings.

Who does supervision serve? 


The coach, the client, the client's organisation?  The supervisor?

The answer is all of the above, more specifically it benefits your current and future coaching clients, organisational stakeholders, and the coaching profession as a whole. 

All parties should benefit and grow as a consequence of supervision.   As a Supervisor, I

am not a supplier of answers or pointed expertise - that would make me a mentor. 

You are a coach, you are my client but also a peer, a thinking partner and a respected collaborator

with a shared objective. 


By starting with this foundation in mind, we can hold supervision as a collaborative peer based activity in service of a much wider group of stakeholders than one client

and / or their organisation.

Coaching is not an easy activity, nor should it be.  Clients are requiring more challenge and more impact from their investment in coaching and as an industry we have a responsibility to meet that need. 


This also means raising our game.  Supervision should expand our range of vision and reflection; it should enhance how the work of coaching is perceived.  It should examine and illuminate nuances in the coach - client dynamic and across the broader systems we inhabit, influence and impact.  

Supervision exists to support, sustain and enhance quality coaching practice. 


As a coach I have supervision and as a supervisor I have supervision.  There's a common misconception that it is only for when we are stuck or to gain accreditation.  That is simply not true, supervision can be used to recognise and hone techniques and approaches that have been successful, it can be 121 and intensive or arranged for a group.  Both approaches have credibility and value and I encourage a blend for any coach.  Supervision can be focused on closely examining practice through the lens of a client experience or more broadly as a philosophical exploration.  

For 121 or group supervision, lets' have an exploration call

What my clients say ...

"Having supervision with Rachel is rad. She creates an environment that is both supportive, encouraging and safe. This means that we were able to move forward with the supervision in full confidence that the setting was secure and confidential. The depth and nuance of the conversation enabled me to leave a better coach and I really look forward to the next session."

Rory Berry, Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Mentor

"Coaching supervision with Rachel has been key for me to improve as a coach.  Rachel holds a safe space to explore coaching techniques and situations with clients.  She is a great sounding board, providing me with reassurance and guidance as to whether I had fully supported clients in the best way I could.  I was also able to discuss coaching sessions that I found challenging, and to reflect on how I would go forward to ensure that I supported the client in a way that felt congruent to my values and also to his. 

As coaching is confidential, I welcome Rachel’s supervision so I can reflect and grow as a coach.  I have found it so valuable to talk through my coaching with Rachel – a person whom I hold in high esteem as a coach and supervisor.  Rachel’s supervision has all the qualities I need to develop my coaching practice: a trusted, safe space; a great listening ear; qualifications and experience; challenge at a level that stretches me; and a professional, warm manner where I felt comfortable straight away.  Thank you, Rachel"

Anita Findon – Leadership Coach

"Rachel provided me with coaching supervision during a particularly complex coaching engagement. She was exceptional at enabling me to remove that sense of complexity enabling me to approach this particular situation with more clarity and options. Rachel is a highly skilled and intuitive coach and supervisor and very easy to work with. I highly recommend Rachel"

A Lazarus - Leadership Team Coach 

Confidentiality:  Supervision, like coaching is a space for the coach to explore their world and that of their client.  I hold to the assertion that nothing discussed in a session will be shared in other forums in any attributable way to either coach or client.  I do have supervision myself where the same assurances are in place.  Even then, I make every effort to ensure the confidentiality and respect the privacy of my clients and their organisational systems.

Safety:  As a matter of safe practice, all new clients will be required to have a free exploration call to ensure that supervision is the right thing for their needs and that I would be an appropriate supervisor.  I have a template contract (terms and conditions, legal stuff) of course, what is more important is the psychological contract we agree at the start of each session which is dynamic and revisited explicitly and implicitly throughout each session.  Simply put, it is beyond the logistics of the time we have, the space we use, it is about the level of challenge, openness and trust that is agreed in the relationship, our way of working and the freedom to adjust this as we go.  It is also about ensuring that if anything is shared that puts the safety of the coach, client or me as supervisor at risk that there are agreements in place to propose a better qualified professional is proposed.  I have to say, I have not had to take any action like this yet but these safeguards are perpetually there for the benefit and reassurance of all.

Accreditation:  If you are keen to accredit with ICF, EMCC, AC or any other governing body or to upgrade an existing accreditation, do let me know and we can work with the competency framework of your preferred organisation in mind to support your learning and development for accreditation and sustained evidence of best practice.  My Masters and ongoing practice has ensured I'm familiar with the competency frameworks of the most popular accreditation bodies across the UK, USA and Europe.

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