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Terms of Use and Code of Conduct

This site has a purpose to support the mental health and wellbeing of any whom engage with Coach in Nature, Thought Garden or any associated pages and social media platforms. In order to ensure peaceful and respectful discourse, Rachel Woods and Coach in Nature Ltd reserve the right to remove any spam, inflammatory comments, misinformation or abusive content.

Professional debate and discussion is encouraged provided it is conducted in a respectful and polite way by all those involved in the conversation or thread.  Rachel Woods will have the ultimate decision in what remains posted should there be any breach of the above or disputes that arise.

Privacy Statement

Coach in Nature is compliant with UK GDPR legislation, is registered with ICO accordingly and will be clear about information of a personal nature that may be retained.  This will pertain purely to coaching and supervision clients and attendees to workshops for the duration of the service delivery and for the performance of the contracts therein.  If you post to the forum, please do not share any personal information about yourself or third party that you do not wish to be made public.  

For any enquiry relating to this statement, terms of use or codes of conduct. 

Please contact me or get in touch via

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