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I love your enthusiasm and your interest in coaching with nature.  If you're comfortable with the use of metaphors in coaching, and you're keen to get on and add this to your tool kit; 


Simply click the link under the picture and you can get started right now.  

To read more about the course content, my credentials, there's more text at the bottom of the page.


Hi, thanks for stopping by! 


Coaching and mentoring are an incredible opportunity to bring Mother Nature and Human Nature together.  Our brains react positively to the metaphors and analogies of nature.  Our brains react to actual nature too in a BIG way.


In this session you gets insightful, systemic, nature based tools to add to your repertoire.


I'm Rachel Woods, I have an MSc in coaching and behavioural change and I'm also a qualified coach supervisor and EMCC Accredited Senior Practitioner. My 2018 research centred on the impact nature has on our brains, the coaching experience and client outcomes.  

Very positive results!


These models are offered to you for delivery online but they are flexible and tailorable to your clients needs, your needs and the environment you choose to coach in.


Help your clients to connect with their own nature through powerful metaphors that our brains respond to positively and that boost creativity.


Want to get into it? Click the link for a 1 hour self-guided session introducing a little of the science, consider your own relationship with the natural world, learn and try out these models for yourself.


A workbook and reading list is ready for you. Go at your pace, Follow up support and further learning opportunities are available.  Simply get in touch after you've completed the session.


There is no VAT to add to the price, click the link, pay with Stripe and get started.


Coaching with nature is so much more than a walk in the park. Why not get started now?

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