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When change chooses you - life after redundancy

I agreed with my redundancy and it still hurt.  When you're selected for it, or an organisation removes the need for your role, it stings and is a tough one to see in a positive light.

It can be a very emotional time and one where confidence is fragile which makes it harder to then go out a promote yourself to potential employers, to seek funding for a new business or even think about other possibilities.

Hold on a moment though, there's a lot of options you can explore. 


My background is HR and I've seen redundancy from every possible angle 

I've also been on the receiving end... twice!  

I've worked with clients during the pandemic who have faced restructures and subsequent redundancy.  We have worked to recognise and celebrate the skills, strengths and capabilities they've built up.  We explore a variety of options and work to build a mindset that supports resilience and builds confidence.  To know your value and present well at interview.  

My amazing clients completed their sessions taking forward a clear sense of purpose, a motivating reason for their choices and a solid, achievable action plan.  Moving into new spaces being fully aware of the value they offer, whatever path they choose to pursue.

I work online mostly but have another method to offer.  The clients that came out for a walk in nature with me had the added bonus of health benefits to body and mind, ask me about this as an option.

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