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Coaching:  Purposeful time to think.

​Who are you and what do you want?  How easily can you answer that question?


Are you having a think about the future, the New Year or your career in general?  Are you considering a new role, a promotion, a move or even retirement?

  • Are you at a crossroads or stuck on a plateau?  It's safe, comfortable, even well paid.  You might feel guilty thinking about leaving,  You're feeling unfulfilled or frustrated and want to explore your options in confidence.

  • Looking to make or break habits?  It's tough, you're aware of these long embedded habits that hold you back and making new healthier ones seems like a huge amount of effort.

  • Is big change coming or already here?   It's unsettling, scary even, especially if you aren't the one making the decision.  You want to feel in control and fully aware of your possibilities. 

  • Is it all on you?  As a leader, you're expected to role model positivity and lead leaders without micro managing.  Inside you might be falling to bits but have to keep the game face on.  It's exhausting and you don't want to let anyone down.

  • How clear is your head?  Is there so much in your busy brain that the fog has descended?  You want to see the wood for the trees but the mist is so thick, the trees themselves are blurry.  It's affecting your focus and your motivation, maybe your relationships too.

So what's possible?

Imagine having a powerful conversation with a friend.  A friend whose agenda is to see you grow and succeed in your ambitions.  A friend that will help you see what's blocking your progress, holding you back.  A safe container for your thoughts that will not, and (contractually) cannot, blab to your other friends.

Someone that understands the power your inner critic wields and that helps you use this naysayer positively and purposefully.  One that not only supports you but offers tools and techniques that shift your thinking, help you create great habits.  That will cheerlead and challenge.

I'm not really a friend.  I’m a coach.  My job is to help you make powerful choices.  To help you map your territory with your eyes wide open. To be intentional in the steps toward your goals.  To see from new angles and shine a light at blind spots.

I sound annoying don’t I?  Good coaching isn’t always comfortable.  It’s not a cosy chat.  You come to me because you want things to change and change can be disconcerting.  I balance support and challenge to make sure feel accountable and empowered with expert level support.

Tell me more about nature..

Mother Nature is the secret sauce!  If we can reasonably travel and meet, I offer sessions in natural settings.  We can use natural spaces in your location via 4g or phone with decent connections or I can infuse your experience with metaphor and narratives of nature which speak directly to a very influential part of your psyche, the limbic system where instinctive reactions live.

Nature is a giant toolbox and sandpit to play in.  We can use her for exploration, as a very healthy office space and a place to soothe, restore and re-energise.  There's always a way to add a little nature to your experience.

If it all sounds a bit woo, do ask me for a reference list of scientific papers that back me up.  Great for bedtime reading.  Or you can take my word for it.

So what’s the plan?

The Pathfinder 4 x 4 programme provides the means to plot a motivating course over bumpy ground. 


It’s four 121 coaching sessions  of 60 to 90 minutes and four 30 minute calls plus materials as appropriate to your specific needs.  We can run this intensively over one month or with more ease across two to three months.

There may well be a few bonus extras as we go through depending on your challenges.  No two coaching experiences are identical, the programme offers us a structure but the journey is entirely yours.

As with all coaching, the outcomes depend on your commitment, candour and willingness to take action from the plans you make during our work together. 

My job is to help you release your blocks and feel capable.  We work to make sure you have the resources you need.  That you know where to find, access and best utilise your toolkit to take your chosen path with confidence.

You don’t go on this journey alone, we build in ongoing support as a key part of the programme.

Coaching with me is a thinking partnership where you reap the benefits.

Call me on 07967 508547 or contact me via this link

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