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Readying yourself for retirement

Are you thinking about retiring?  Whether you want to slow down, branch out or try something completely new, the change can feel daunting and strange.  


You may have the logistics, finances etc sorted but have you considered your own feelings in it all and who you are beyond your current worklife?

Having a strong sense of identity and purpose is deeply valuable as you move to another phase of your life.  Much like starting school, work, moving jobs, getting married etc, it's natural for it to feel strange.  Sometimes wonderful, sometimes unsettling, all is totally natural


My background is HR and I've seen retirements a plenty and many I have had the privilege to still be in touch with are thriving beyond the 'day job'.  What they have in common is a strong sense of purpose and identity.  


It wasn't easy for them all.  Some have struggled to define themselves without the work they had been immersed in.  Some for decades. 

I've worked with clients during the pandemic who have faced restructures and subsequent redundancy, choosing retirement as their next step.  We have worked to recognise and celebrate the skills, strengths and capabilities they've built up that transcend the world of employment.  We explore a variety of options and work to build a mindset that supports resilience and builds confidence. 


To know your value and to recognise the things that you find most fulfilling.

My amazing clients completed their sessions taking forward a clear sense of purpose, a motivating reason for their choices and a solid, achievable plan.  Moving into this new phase, fully aware of the value they offer, whatever path they choose to pursue.

I work online mostly but have another method to offer.  The clients that came out for a walk in nature with me had the added bonus of health benefits to body and mind, ask me about this as an option.

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