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New Year - New Job?

How's work? 


If you regularly answer this question with 'fine, OK or it's alright' I know how you feel.  It's not unusual to feel trapped in a job.  It might well be safe, well paid and come with great benefits but there's something that just isn't floating your boat.  It's probably time to look at your options.

It's a feeling that comes with a bucket load of emotions, including guilt.  The assumption that to change means leaving the team, stepping away from customers you're fond of.  That friends and family might not understand your desire to move from a "safe job"

Hold on a moment though, there's a lot of options you can explore. 


During 2021 I've helped a senior manager in ecommerce to recognise their strengths and development areas, they went on to secure a lateral move in their current role, enriching their experience and providing learning that will put them in a great position to secure a fulfilling promotion or move in the next year to 18 months.

Another client is looking to close their business down after nearly three decades and wants to retire with purpose.  The problem was they weren't sure of who they were without the work.  We walked, we talked (well they talked, I listened and asked the right questions) and they are now planning a phase of their life that feels like a beginning rather than an ending.

I have supported clients moving from employment to self employment and vice versa, navigating the emotional path and practical steps needed to thrive in a new space.  

All of these clients completed their sessions taking forward a clear sense of purpose, a motivating reason for their choices and a solid, achievable action plan.

I work online but have another method to offer.  Those clients that came out for a walk in nature with me had the added bonus of health benefits to body and mind, ask me about this as an option if you are within reach of South West UK.

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