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What coaching can offer HR Professionals

As a conscientious professional , I've no doubt you want the best for your teams and stakeholders.  

When you wear as many hats as HR professionals do, you deserve to have time to reflect on your work and further develop emotional resilience and efficacy?  To look at the work, the organisation and the system more broadly and in confidence.  Take a number of perspectives, look through different lenses and see more as a result.  

A place without judgement, focusing on what is and what can be.  Deepen your reflection to supercharge your delivery and capability.  We work in a mindful way, to connect embodied feelings to the realities of HR practice in practical, useful ways.

If you're working toward professional accreditation or promotion, we can explore the relevant competencies to identify the areas you could spend more time on.  AND HOW!

Of course, there ' also the safety net that coaching provides in relation to your wellbeing and confidentiality for you and your organisation. 

Works for other managers that coach too!


During my own HR career, I walked the tightrope of HR operations and a desire to coach.  The two would intersect with potential for conflicts of interest and bias.  How do you keep yourself safe and clear?  Professional Coaches will have peer to peer confidential supervision to support their boundaries - did you know you could have a version of this?


Equally, when you find yourself drawn toward counselling a member of staff, we can build strategies to safely manage sensitive conversations with your wellbeing in mind as well as theirs.

I'm Rachel and I'm a qualified coach supervisor, an EMCC accredited Senior Coach and Behavioural Specialist with an MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change.  I offer121 and group sessions onsite or via Zoom OR for an extra special experience, ask me about outdoor sessions based in the South West with Mother Nature 'Mrs N' as a dynamic partner.

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Coaching for HR Professionals

The Case for Coaching

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