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Nature as a coaching partner

While studying, I found that concepts stuck better when I learned them outside.   When I walked with a peer to discuss various models and methods.  As we walked and talked, we found the possibilities and ideas came more easily.

It wasn't until I researched and wrote my dissertation that I understood what was happening in my brain.   The magic spell that Mrs N (Mother Nature) cast over us, could be explained and evidenced. 


As I introduced more and more clients to the concept of working with nature, as metaphor, narrative and / or backdrop the proposal of using a meeting room, or someone's office started to feel restrictive.  Unappealing.

Then covid happened and nature became more valuable to us than we had ever appreciated.  Stuck indoors working from the kitchen table, bedrooms or the cupboard under the stairs, time outside was precious.

Coaching went virtual, a big thank you to wifi.  My determination to include nature persisted and I found ways to weave her into sessions for the same benefits, even on days we couldn't step outside together.

Now this is the model.  Coaching through virtual means, telephone or face to face.  Powerful and effective as coaching is, when you add the beneficial side effects of the natural, it becomes more.

More insightful, more clarifying, more inspiring.

Now I have a powerful method and a structure that, while intellectually mine and used specifically for my clients, I must credit to the weird and wonderful world we share.

This is why I proudly hold membership of The Wildlife Trusts, The Woodland Trust and The National Trust.  As custodians of precious habits, forests and gardens.

One day I will own my own broadleaf woodland to protect and conserve.  My way of saying thank you to Mrs N.


To experience coaching in nature for yourself - or to simply find out more click here  

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