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Let me introduce some friends...


Oliver Hellowell, Wildlife and Landscape Photographer

Oliver's pictures inspire me so I wanted to share and promote his work through my page, I thoroughly recommend taking a look at his website. 


"Oliver is a determined young man fast achieving his dream of being a professional wildlife and landscape photographer. Oliver happens to have Down Syndrome and his family have always sought to ensure that this doesn't stop him from achieving any of his dreams and indeed Oliver lives a fulfilling, interesting, busy, enjoyable, rather enviable life.  Mike is Oliver's stepfather (Oliver's biological father chose to have no contact with his son - his loss!) and is also a photographer who shares so many passions and interests with Oliver. They both love wildlife, the countryside, fishing, all things marine, bird watching and at about 11 yrs old Oliver started to want to take photos 'like Mike'. Mike's patience, targeted tuition and guidance has enabled Oliver to enjoy and utilise the world of photography as both a tool for him to record what he sees in the way he sees it, and also as something which brings him a sense of achievement and self esteem. Oliver's photography provides his own unique perspective on the world and also provides him with a great source of self esteem and confidence. He hopes to be able to further his photography to a point where it can provide him with a full income. He wants to be a professional."

Oliver's photographs are available for purchase through the gallery on his website at

Oliver H Photographer.jpg
Oliver's Nuthatch.JPG

Katherine Grudgeon, The Walking Woman; Mountain Leader, Walking Guide and Navigation Tutor

Rather like Rachel I don’t like writing about myself in the third person, so here I am, and here is what I do.

I grew up in a small country village, nature and the countryside were all around and I took it all for granted. Growing up I never lost my love of nature and continued to spend time outside, exploring the countryside with my dog or on horseback, later with my children and now with my friends.

Getting outside into the countryside is an important way of de – stressing in our increasingly indoors and sedentary lives. Breathing the fresh air, gentle ‘green’ exercise has been shown by many academic studies to have a positive effect on our physical and mental health.

The British landscape is hugely varied, from Ben Nevis to Romney Marsh and access is restricted by law and the Countryside and Rights of Way act, but if you can read an OS map and understand your rights or way, there are thousands of miles of walking routes available for you.

As ‘The Walking Woman’ my aim is to develop your skills in map reading, route planning and navigation to get you out and about. These skills will empower you to find places to walk legally and safely anywhere in Great Britain. I am a qualified mountain leader, registered as a tutor with the National Navigation Award Scheme and can offer tuition and assessment to provide you with a recognised qualification and a certificate.

As ‘The Walking Woman’ I can create bespoke walking activities for yourself, friends, family and colleagues. From a morning’s walk to a multiday hill walking expedition I can show you the way and share my love of the natural world you are walking through.

Contact me through my website  and let me help you to get outside.

From across the pond - international friends.

US Flag Balloon

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If you would like to share links your business on this page, please use the Contact Form and outline the complementary nature of your business and your philosophy on nature and the natural environment for consideration.

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