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For Professionals in Human Resources

If you're working as an HR Professional, you will be more than aware of the tendency to be seen as responsible for far more than 'HR'.

It's common to hear HR likened to cobbler's children, last to think of themselves or be thought of by the rest of the organisation.  You're HR right, you should already have a handle on everything.  HR Directors, Business Partners and Managers don't need support right - you've got it all sorted!

Hold on a moment, that's not strictly true is it? 


You know the theory, the principles etc but putting it into practice in the throes of a busy role, supporting the human element of any organisation is a different kettle of fish.


My background is HR and I've witnessed and felt the effects of the work.  Essential, rewarding for sure but it also has the power to reduce your resilience to a dribble and sap your empathy reserves.  

I've worked with clients during the pandemic who have been managing restructures and subsequent redundancies.  Complex ER caseloads and the navigation of internal politics. We've worked to recognise and celebrate the skills, strengths and capabilities they have, finding ways to protect resilience, find balance and work effectively within organisational systems. 


We explore a variety of options and work to build a mindset that supports resilience and builds confidence.  To know your value and use it to great effect.  

My amazing clients completed their sessions taking forward a clear sense of purpose, a motivating reason for their choices and a solid, achievable action plan.  Fully aware of the value they offer, whatever path they choose to pursue.

I work online mostly but do have another method to offer.  The clients that came out for a walk in nature with me had the added bonus of health benefits to body and mind, do ask me about this option.

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