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Happy leavers might be a bit ambitious

Supported leavers - now that's entirely possible

Having a legally binding exit agreement with confidentiality clauses, won't create a future advocate for your business and won't stop rumours, mutterings, hints and off the record chats deterring others from working with you.


Managing involuntary employee exits is tough on all concerned.  Whether through redundancy or via mutual agreement and settlement.  

Managers and business leaders have the unenviable task of holding emotive conversations and delivering difficult messages.  Not to mention supporting wider teams, systems and stakeholders.

Those at the receiving end of such messaging will need support to move forward in a healthy and productive way.  It's not about simply accepting the news, all sorts of thoughts can emerge amplified by anger, anxiety, feelings of rejection and limiting assumptions.  

Help is on hand.  You can provide experienced, accredited, coaching to those tasked with sharing the news so they can do it clearly and with empathy, feeling able to handle the responses safely and fairly.

At the receiving end, support is critical.  Imagine hearing that your role is at risk, or having a manager tell you that attributes you have no longer fit the organisational strategy. 


What's said is rarely what's taken heard.


Instead it's, 'They hate me'  'I'm not wanted' 'I'm no good' It's not fair' and much more.  The potential to damage self confidence, identity and self worth is huge. 


If you're in a small business, access to an assistance programme might be difficult or non existent.

Why not get support in place before having the conversation?  To let it form part of your support strategy.  To help those leaving the organisation to recognise their strength, worth and value beyond your organisation.  

Whether it's tailored support for a specific restructure or project, packages of manager support and career coaching programmes for leavers or a retainer arrangement for your ad-hoc requirements, Coach in Nature can provide.

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Involuntary Exits

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