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Coach Supervision

As a conscientious professional coach, I've no doubt you have a deep positive intent for your clients.  

Explore the work you do with an experienced senior coach, or with a group of other coaches?  To look at the work, your client and their world or system more broadly and in confidence?  Take a number of perspectives, look through different lenses and see through the eyes of others.  

Without judgement, a focus on what is and what could be.  Deepen your reflection to supercharge  your practice.  We work in a mindful way, to connect embodied feelings to thoughts to the coaching process.  To practice and to play with new theories and methods.

If you are working toward accreditation or to increase your current level, we can take a look at your work and explore the relevant competencies to identify the areas that you could spend more time on.  

Of course, there is also the safety net that supervision provides in relation to your wellbeing and safe practice for your clients.  When we find ourselves drawn toward counselling or mentoring, building strategies to safely manage sensitive conversations.

Rachel is a qualified supervisor, an EMCC accredited Senior Coach Practitioner and Behavioural Specialist with an MSc in Coaching for Behavioural Change.  She offers Zoom 121 and group sessions along with outdoor sessions based in the South West for an added dimension to practice with Nature as a dynamic partner.

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