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Supervision for Executive Coaches

Have you ever been with a client and gone blank?  Do you have thoughts about your clients that make you question your motives?  Do you wonder about the tools that you use and the methods you fall back on time and again?

These are a tiny number of explorations coaches have brought to supervision.  Supervision exists to support you, the coach along with your client and their wider world. 


Being able to get out of your head and gift yourself time to think, reflect and consider your work is invaluable in maintaining that safe container you create for our clients.  Having a trusted peer to share with, a safe space to consider your thoughts more fully and using a variety of lenses for other perspectives.

Choose a group, for a small number of trusted peers to work with, or 121 for a more tailored session.  There is supervision to suit your budget and your needs (and the needs of your clients).

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